The Solution to Home & Office Pickup and Delivery

Whether you possess, rent or rent. Whether you reside in a 100 tale apartment building, an individual house, or on the plantation in the countryside, we’ve designed a simple to set up and use eDOR® for you.

eDOR®, eBOX® & eTETHR® are area of the same ecosystem and category of products that user interface jointly or as stand-alone products to resolve the many problems and issues facing the eCommerce Industry and Consumers as well… in totality.

Whether you possess, rent or rent. Whether you reside in a 100- tale apartment building, a single-family home, or on the plantation in the countryside, we’ve designed a simple to set up and use eDOR®, eBOX® for eTETHR® device for you.

Have a look at all the features and ease-of-use our products offer. We wish you’ll concur that they’re smart, very smart™.

The Solution to Home & Office Pickup and Delivery

11.eKEY – Delivery person automatically gets an eKEY with every order to open up locked eBOX’s. Receptors let eKEY know if there’s anything inside and eBOX’s automatically broaden, close, and lock packages safely.

2. SECURITY ALARM – eBOX’s are alarmed and can send immediate notifications to an individual if they’re tampered with. For eTETHR®, blinking lights and adaptable audible alarm notifications neighbours and scares off intimidated thieves, while taking their mobile phone I. D. and activating the 2-way communication system. Notifications are automatically delivered to the authorized consumer.

  1. High Def Night time Eyesight Camera – An oldie but a goodie. We use high quality camera technology with this 2-way sound Communication System and instant recordings to the cloud of your decision to capture thieves in the work. Also ideal for knowing the moment your package comes and monitoring your entry way (or wherever our devices are installed).
  2. Interior Biometric Control Locking System – Have multiple people getting packages in your house, apartment, or business? Make certain only the designed person has usage of prescription medications, alcoholic beverages, and delicate materials by managing “who” gets an designed delivery. On any eBOX®.
  3. Wireless Lithium-Ion BATTERY System – Nothing at all to connect in. Nothing at all to charge. Don’t even be concerned about power outages. Our specially designed inductive Lithium-Ion electric battery system will continue to work 24/7 365 times a year. For those our eDOR® & eBOX® devices.
  4. Temp Controlled Hot & Chilly eBOX® Update – Getting medications or groceries in extreme climate or simply want them fresh with their optimum temp until you will be there to get them? Don’t perspiration not coming to your office or home to receive temp sensitive items! Just around the corner!
  5. Mobile App Connection – Wi-Fi connectivity’s automated with Bluetooth as a back-up in the event it’s unavailable, so you’ll continually be connected. In case your alarm’s prompted, we can establish you to be linked to crisis services. Our standard App includes a download free with the choice to add-on additional security functions and operate and talk to your eDOR® System from all over the world.
  6. Exact Gps navigation Coordinates – Do you reside in a remote control location, or in a 20- tale high-rise? We’ve got you protected with built-in GPS technology to find your specified delivery place. Automatically provides exact location of some of our devices (even if it’s privately or back again of your premises), so there’s no potential for a skipped or postponed delivery.

Easy Owner and Renter Installation

Whether you lease or own, you can certainly substitute your existing door by yourself or by making use of a handyman or certified installer. Most doorways fit into a typical door body and can certainly be transformed out. If you rent or rent your office or home, ensure that you keep carefully the old door and replace it when you move.

Peach of Mind

Furthermore to safe and sound packages being shipped conveniently to your house and office, an added bonus advantage is the worry-free satisfaction you’ll experience. We recognize that some deals are irreplaceable or need special treatment. We also understand the tremendous hassle and panic of having to improve your schedule to be able to support deliveries, and seeking more what to be shipped if there is a simple and hassle-free way to achieve that.